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Can I use Gmail and Facebook in China?

In China, there are web regulations for social media, etc. However, since Vision Global WiFi has adopted new communication technologies that are different from the conventional ones, VPNs and other settings are not necessary and can be used as they are.
The results of our on-site communications tests show that our VPN connection has improved the communications environment so that we can use the Internet even more comfortably.

Is there an application deadline?

The application deadline differs depending on the pick-up location. For further information please check: https://visionglobalwifi.com/receive

Until when can I cancel an order? Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancellations can be made free of charge up to five days before the usage period. Please contact customer support for cancellation inquiries.
Unfortunately, cancellations occurring within 4 days prior to the start of the usage period will be charged 100% of the total fee.

If my device breaks, whom should I contact?

If you have any problems while using the product, please contact our office by phone or e-mail.
TEL: +1(424) 219-9224 (US)

How can I reserve the device?

Please reserve from this website

Is there a way to place a reservation after the application deadline?

You may be able to rent device depending on the receiving location and inventory status.
Please contact us for details.
TEL: +1(424) 219-9224 (US)

Is the device manual only available in English?

Terminal manuals are in English only.

Why can't I register my e-mail address and password?

There is a possibility that you are already registered on the website. In that case, please log in with your previously registered credentials.
Additionally, some special leeters may not be recognized by the system. Please confirm if you have entered English letters and that there are no spaces between words.

Is it easy to set up the device?

It is very easy to set up the device. Once you receive the router, simply turn it on and connect to your device by entering the password. You will be connected to the internet instantly.

From which day does the rental period start (billing day)?

You will be charged from the date you leave the United States.

Where can I pick up the device?

The device can be picked up at Los Angeles International Airport (Tom Bradley International Terminal) counter or it can be shipped to the address of your choice within the USA. Customers traveling to Japan can also pick up the device at major international airports.

Can I make an application at the LAX airport?

We apologize but the LAX counter is only available for pick up and return of the devices. The reservation needs to be done prior on the website.

What other accessories are included besides the WiFi router?

Included with the device inside the pouch is a manual, AC adapter, USB cable, and depending on the destination country a conversion adapter.If additional options are ordered they are also included.

What is the size and the weight of the device?

Depending on the device, most models will be larger than the business card and will fit in the pocket.

Where can the device be used?

The device can be used inside the area which is covered by the local partner network company. The connection may be less stable indoors or in subways.

How much will it cost and how many devices do I need if I travel to 2 or more countries?

We offer a multi country plan, so please choose a plan that suits your travel destination.
For details, click here → https://visionglobalwifi.com/jp/price/multi

Can I make calls from my mobile phone using the Wi-Fi router?

"Skype and Line calls could be used with WiFi service
Calls can be made using WiFicalling."

I plan to travel to several countries. Can I return the devices at each destination?

Please refer to the website for return locations. Make sure to return the device at the location indicated when filling out the application

How is the usage fee calculated?

In general the price is calculated as the (Price per day x Usage period). For information about long-term discount plans, see: https://visionglobalwifi.com/price

Do devices have data usage limits?

The data limit differs depending on the destination. Formore information, see: https://visionglobalwifi.com/price

What happens when the data limit is exceeded?

The network speed may be reduced or halted altogether if the data limit is exceed, so please be mindful of the data limit.

What is the multi conversion plug?

The shape and format of the outlet plug differs varies by country. The multi conversion plug allows you to charge your device in every country by converting to different formats.

How fast is the connection?

The network speed differs depending on the destination. For further information please see: https://visionglobalwifi.com/price

Approximately how much data is available to use?

The usage data capacity differs depending on the destination. For further information, see: https://visionglobalwifi.com/price

How much does it cost to extend the rental period?

If you contact us before return date, you will only pay for extended fee as follows:Customer's rental subscription (the amount applicable to various campaigns) × number of excess rental days +optional rentals (including insurance package) × number of excess rental days.
If you contact us after the day of the returning or if we cannot confirm the return of the rental equipment after the due date without prior request, following will be charged:$20.00 x number of extended days + optional rentals x number of extended days.
If the rental plan is more than $20.00 per day, the following will be charged regardless of whether you have contacted Vision Global WiFi for extension request:Customer's rental subscription x number of excess rental days + optional rentals (including insurance package) x number of excess rental days.
※ Extension fees are accrued for each unit rented at the time of application.

Can I check how much data has been used?

Although some devices have the ability to show data usage, please refer to the following as the rule of thumb for 100MB usage: Web Search: 400 pages, Youtube videos 60 seconds, or Google Maps 27 times.

How many devices can be connected to one router?

For a comfortable connection, we recommend no more than 5 simulataneous device connections per router.

Can the device be used on a ship?

WiFi devices may be operational along coastlines, but not on ships or over bodies of waters.

Is it possible to change the pick up or return location after placing a reservation?

Pick up and return location can be changed if customer contact us by 4 days prior to departure date 12:00PM (PST).

If I choose pickup by delivery, when will receive the device?

At the latest, you will receive your device a day before departure.

Are there other ways to pick up the device, other than what is listed on the website?

We are continuously expanding our pick up and drop off options, but the website shows the methods currently available.

How do I pay for the service?

Payment is only possible via credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Amex, JCB, Diners, Discover). Registered corporate clients may also be eligible to pay via invoice.

Can I get a receipt?

The receipt will be included in the confirmation email.

Can I change the application information after the order has been completed?

If customer would like to modify their application, customer needs to contact us 4 days prior to departure date 12:00 (PST) Please contact us below.
TEL: +1(424) 219-9224 (US)

Do I receive a notification after the order has been completed?

We are sending you an application completion email.
If it does not arrive, please check your spam folders, receivable domains, etc., and contact us by telephone
TEL: +1(424) 219-9224 (US)


  1. We will exchange the device with a replacement in the case of malfunction.
  2. Please return all parts if the device is damaged, as unreturned parts will be deemed as a loss.
  3. If you lose any or all of the WiFi equipment, you will be charged a replacement fee. See our insurance plans for coverage details.r


  1. If you need to cancel your reservation, please call us at 1(714)710-1173 (9a.m. ~ 7p.m. PT business days)
  2. Some orders may not be approved depending on device inventory levels.
  3. Vision Global WiFi executes your payment amount upon submitting your reservation application online.
1(424) 219-9224 (9a.m. - 6p.m. PT Business Days)