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Vision Global WiFi the WiFi rental company

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Best way to stay connected in Japan when traveling

What is Vision Global WiFi

Flat rate portable internet rental service, anytime, anywhere in Japan

portable WiFi

What is Vision Global WiFi

Flat rate portable internet rental service, anytime, anywhere in Japan

Use your own smart phone, PC, and tablet just like back home.

Why bother buying a SIM card or look for a free WiFi spot?

Because Japan has very little free WiFi, foreigners visiting have trouble finding a way to stay connected. However, by renting a hotspot from Vision Global WiFi, you can stay onnected without ease in Japan.
A lot more affordable than buying a SIM card or easier than looking for a free WiFi spot

  • SIM card

    The SIM card will use the frequency in Japan, and your device may not have the capability to connect. There is a chance that you may also need to set your APN, which can take time and sometimes be complicated. If you buy a SIM card each device will need a SIM card, and limitations as to if the device has SIM card slot can affect your connectivity

  • FREE WiFi

    There are increasing numbers of free WiFi spots in Japan, but the area are still limited. Also, by stepping out of the signal radius, the internet connection will be lost.
    Free WiFi spots are located at congested areas which can slow the internet speed, making it a frustrating experience.

Vision Global WiFi can be used anytime anywhere. Always stay connected.

Vision Global WiFi can be used anytime anywhere. Always stay connected.

Vision Global WiFi can be used anytime anywhere. Always stay connected.

Upload your pictures to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, whenever you like with Vision Global WiFi!

Share your moments in Japan with your friends and family during your stay.

Make your trip to Japan more fun, convenient and comfortable.

Simple flat rate pricing by the day

WiFi rental fees + Optional items * Travel dates = Price that you will pay WiFi rental fees + Optional items * Travel dates = Price that you will pay

Rental Extensions

If you would like to extend your rental, we can arrange that no problem, there will be an additional per day charge. However, if the device is not returned by the rental termination date there will be a $20/day charge. 

Devices to select from

Japan Unlimited MAX

Japan Unlimited MAX

with long term discount $91.00

Unlimited MAX:
Fully unlimited data no slow downs or speed restrictions

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Insurance Plan

In case of the device being lost or stolen we have an insurance plan for that!
Without insurance, if the whole package is lost or stolen there will be a $460 charge.
However, purchasing an insurance plan prior to the rental. The full insurance plan will cover 100% of the damage and the mini insurance plan will cover up to 80% of the damages. 

For details click here
  • insurance full

    Full Insurance Plan $3.00/DAY
    Full reimbursement insurance plan in case of an accident
    100% exemption from reimbursement fees

  • insurance mini

    Mini Insurance Plan $2.00/DAY
    Recommended plan for those who want to be cautious.
    80% exemption from reimbursement fees

Additional Items

  • Portable External Battery $1.00/DAY

    portable charger Rechargeable external battery. Use the attached cable to charge other devices such as smartphones, game devices, tablets, etc.
  • International Plug Adapters $0.50/DAY

    portable charger Outlet plugs tend to be different from country to country; our multi-plug adapter makes sure you can charge your smartphone, pc, and other devices all over the world so that you can stay connected .

    portable charger Make you trip a memorable one with this 360° camera that captures panoramic views
  • Translation device: ili $5.00/DAY

    portable charger Translates what you're saying in 0.2 seconds.
    It doesn't require a internet connection so you can communicate smoothly.
  • Bose noise canceling earbuds $1.00/DAY

    portable charger The noise canselling technology will block out any unwanted notices.
    Because of this feature you can enjoy the long fight without the sound of the engine or the wind.

    portable charger Choose any language combinations: the device supports English, French, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Portuguese and so on.

How it Works

  • Step1 Order
    Step1 Image

    Reserve and pay online!
    *Only credit cards
    are excepted

  • arrow
  • Step2 Recieve
    Step1 Image

    The Wi-Fi router
    will be delivered
    to your designated

  • arrow
  • Step3 Enjoy
    Step1 Image

    Turn the device on,
    enter the password and
    enjoy high-speed

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  • Step4 Return
    Step1 Image

    Please return the
    device within 1 day
    of your return date
    using the enclosed

Make a reservation now with the discount

Choose your
pick up location.

We cover most major airports in Japan as well as US LA office pick up and delivery pick up and returns within the United States

Pick up and return locations in Japan

  • Narita Airport Terminal 1
  • Narita Airport Terminal 2
  • Haneda Airport
  • New Chitose Airport
  • Kansai International Airport
  • Fukuoka Airport
  • Chubu International Airport
  • Naha Airport
Pickup Fee: $5.00 / Return Fee: free

US pick up and return locations


  • Delivery pickup
    delivery pickup

    Please put in a reservation 4 days prior to your departure date by 12:00 p.m
    The package will get to you no later than a day before your departure date. 
    Delivery pick up $8.00

  • Delivery return
    delivery return

    Please use the prepaid envelope to return the package within 1 day of arriving back to the US.
    Delivery return fee $8.00

Los Angeles International Airport
Tom Bradley International Terminal Arrival Hall

delivery return Currency Exchange
Location Los Angeles International Airport
Tom Bradley International Terminal Arrival Hall
Business hours 6:30a.m.〜11:30p.m.
Application deadline Please apply by 1:00 p.m. a day before your departure date.
*If you are departing on Sunday or Monday, the application deadline is 1:00 p.m. on Friday.
Pick up and return fee Pickup Fee: $5.00 /
Return Fee: $5.00

LA Torrance

LA Torrance
Location 18726 S Western Ave Ste 120, Gardena, CA 90248
Business hours 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM weekdays only
Application deadline None
Pick up and return fee None

Frequently asked Questions

How can I return the devices?
There will be a return-envelope included, please return the device within 1 day.
I am currently using a smartphone from a different country, will I be able to use the hotspot?
If you have a WiFi capable device you will hoave no problem connecting the WiFi hotspot. if you need to make phone calles you will need to use internet phone call enabled APPs.
Can I return the device at a different ariport?
If you pick up the device in Japan, please return it in Japan; if you pick it up in the US, please return it in the US.
Until when can I cancel an order? Is there a cancellation fee?
Cancellations can be made free of charge up to five days before the usage period. Please contact customer support for cancellation inquiries.
Unfortunately, cancellations occurring within 4 days prior to the start of the usage period will be charged 100% of the total fee.
Make a reservation now with the discount

Malfunction and lost items

  • If the device deemed defective we will send a replacement
  • If the device is broken please return all pieces
  • If any parts or items missing when the device is returned we will deem it lost. 
  • For all lost or stolen items there will be a charge please click here for more details


  • The discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. 
  • Please call us if you need to cancel the order.
  • We reserve the right to decline your order for low inventory.